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Ruobing Shen

Building: INF 205, Geb. A, Room 01.332
Phone: +49 6221 54-14344
Fax: +49 6221 54-14341
Email: ruobing.shen{at}

Personal pages:

Brief Curriculum Vitae:
2016.09-present: Research Assistant in the Group of Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization, Institute of Computer Science, Heidelberg University, Germany
2013.09-2016.09: Early Stage Researcher of European Marie Curie Initial Training Network, Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINO), Institute of Computer Science, Heidelberg University
2012.12: M.S., Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, USA
More detailed CV:

Research Areas:
I have broad research interests in Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization, and its applications. Projects that I have/am currently working with includes, convex hull representation of a special knapsack problem, Hub Location Problem (Logistics), Network Flow Design Problem, Discrete Tomography (Compressed Sensing), Branch and Price, Cutting Plane, Benders' Decomposition, Image Segmentation, Multicuts, Superpixel Algorithms, etc. My recent focus has been on applications in Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

Teaching 2016/17 WS:
Seminar "Kombinatorische Optimierung" and Practical "Softwarepraktikum Optimierung für Fortgeschrittene", Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Heidelberg University

If you are interested in writing a Master's Thesis under the supervision of Prof. Reinelt and me, feel free to drop me an email and we can talk about possible projects, ranging from classical combinatorial optimization problems, to software implementation, and its applications in machine learning, computer vision, neural sciences, logistics, etc. Details about Master theses can be found in the "Modulhandbuch".
If you are a motivated undergraduate/master student and want to have hands on research projects with me, also feel free to email me with your detailed background.
For paper/projects cooperation, in general, I am enthusiastic about cooperating and working with people from various backgrounds. It is better that you are located in Heidelberg, or if you can be here during our cooperation. We welcome any kind of visit to our group (self-financed). If you are a researcher from other background and your research uses knowledge from combinatorial optimization, you are also welcome to drop me an email with detailed description of your problem, and we'll see if we can cope with that.

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