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Old versions and changelogs

Version 2705159a, 2016-03-27: panda.tar

Note: Bug fix for machines without MPI.

Version 551c8463, 2015-08-26: panda.tar

Note: Using PANDA as a library just got a lot easier. Increased platform independence. Some code modernization and refactoring.

Version 849a702b, 2015-06-09: panda.tar

Note: Minor improvements.

Version 6b5a274f, 2015-04-23: panda.tar

Note: Minor improvements.

Version f1ec6001, 2015-04-08: panda.tar

Note: Various bug fixes, mainly regarding input handling.

Version bc40901c, 2015-03-19: panda.tar

Note: Major refactoring of code base and performance improvements for double description method.

Version 2b6b5ebb, 2015-03-05: panda.tar

Note: Performance improvement and two bug fixes.

Version 2d83f98a, 2015-03-02: panda.tar

Note: Code refactoring.

Version 032753d5, 2015-02-24: panda.tar

Note: Minor changes to Makefiles.

Version 6deb0270, 2015-02-16: panda.tar

Note: Minor bug fixes.

Version b327ead5, 2015-02-03: panda.tar

Note: Bug fixes for use on clusters.

Version 25392f47, 2015-01-25: panda.tar

Note: Adjacency decomposition is now applicable to vertex enumeration as well. Attention: As during this process a newly found row can either be a vertex or an extremal ray, the output cannot be separated. See section adjacency decomposition for details.

Version 7293e24e, 2015-01-19: panda.tar

Note: New option for validation input: use --check as command line parameter. Introduced new keywords: see the file format section for details. Introduced facilities to input reduced vertices / rays / inequalities: PANDA automatically creates the full set of input using the provided maps (Warning: option --check cannot be used in conjunction with reduced input). Minor changes to output format: Output uses the new keywords such that output from PANDA may be used directly as input for the reverse direction (modulo names of variables and maps).

Version 0c3518cc, 2015-01-15: panda.tar

Note: Relaxed input specification: The user is now allowed to omit the "END" keyword in some cases.

Version 3ba266d5, 2015-01-14: panda.tar

Note: improved error handling, less restrictive handling of input, updated README file, bug fix relating to maps, bug fix relating to input consistency, and minor tweaks.

Version ae2c060f, 2014-12-28: panda.tar

Note: CMake toolchain now supports debug builds (default build type is release).

Version d03760cf, 2014-12-26: panda.tar

Note: First release using CMake. Minor bug fixes.

Version 70883dff, 2014-12-15: panda.tar

Note: Fixed configuration script for MacOS X.

Version b1d71bd2, 2014-12-03: panda.tar

Note: Minor bug fixes.

Version 08360e7b, 2014-11-24: panda.tar

Note: Code optimization, bug fixes, better handling of input.

Version 6de20b09, 2014-10-30: panda.tar

Note: Bug fixes and improved error messages.

Version dafd83ae, 2014-10-28: panda.tar

Note: Initial Release.

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